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Plating up Pippin: A sneak peak at the 2014-15 PlayhouseSquare Season

Published August 20th, 2014 by | Comments Off on Plating up Pippin: A sneak peak at the 2014-15 PlayhouseSquare Season

It’s no secret that we enjoy entertaining. More than 1,000 events hit our stages and spaces each year and that means that more than 1 million people walk through our doors. And now, with the addition of the “dazzling” exterior features, it seems that more and more folks are heading through our part of town. Some of these folks come in GROUPS. And one thing we do well is… entertain groups.


Brad Henderson of Les 7 doigts de la main

Yesterday, we had the amazing privilege to host a luncheon with close to 200 group leaders (representatives from community, business, education, travel and tour groups) to preview what’s in store for the 2014-2015 season. There is literally something for everyone in the upcoming season. From our KeyBank Broadway Series to a return engagement of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast to legendary performers like Frankie Valli and Tony Bennett– SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE! (Insert shameless plug: for a FULL list of the 2014-2015 season, click here.)

It began as a typical luncheon would- background music, light chatter, the sound of forks and spoons hitting plates, but as lunch was wrapping up was when the magic began as this luncheon was not your typical luncheon. Well maybe it was if your luncheons include delicious food (thanks to Driftwood Catering!), an engaging emcee (big shout out to PlayhouseSquare Senior Vice President Gina Vernaci!), a Broadway star, and, oh, a circus performer. I’m guessing that they don’t, right? The first surprise in store was a visit from Brad Henderson of Les 7 doigts de la main (which translates to the 7 fingers of the hand); this is the company of acrobats responsible for training and recruiting talented circus performers for Pippin. Instead of trying to explain Brad’s amazing talent, see for yourself:

And since we had a circus performance showcasing Pippin, why not bring out its star? You know, Ciara Renee` (former Baldwin Wallace University grad), who currently performs nightly as the “Leading Player in Pippin on Broadway? Sure, why not.


Gina Vernaci chats with Ciara Renee

Hit it, Ciara!

So two takeaways…

1. CANNOT wait until February 3, 2015 when Pippin hits PlayhouseSquare. This show looks brilliant and stunning.

2. Don’t you want to be a group leader?

In response to both, tickets to Pippin go on sale September 5- so mark your calendar if you are as excited as I am. If you can’t wait, why not become a group leader and get those tickets today? You just need 10 or more people. One of the perks of bringing a group is that many of our shows have a group discount available. Another great perk is that our incredible Group Services team has many tricks up their collective sleeve to help make your outing one that you will never forget.

If you’d like to learn more about bringing a group to PlayhouseSquare, click here.

Mama needs a new…WEBSITE!

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About 2 years ago, this funny idea came to the table- “We NEED a new website!” And to be quite honest, the idea wasn’t necessarily our own. Our visitors to were crying out for something, anything to be done. We got comments like “It took me an hour just to find the show I was looking for!” and “How come when I put something into the search box, I can’t determine what the results mean?” Comment after comment rolled in and we realized, yes, Houston (wait! wrong line…) yes, Dear Visitors to, we have a problem.

So with a problem in hand, we embarked on a journey- a LONG journey. Since that day 2 years ago, we began our redesign project. And to this day, we are STILL working on it. It’s actually become a running joke amongst the staff these days “Are we REALLY re-designing the website? I politely shake my head and smile, yes staffers, yes.

It’s taking so long because we want everything to be just right. We sent out surveys to many of our visitors asking for their feedback and input and we have combed through each response making sure that we attempt to address everything. We want the site to reflect the entertainment we hold, the excitement that lives here, and the destination we are and to FINALLY be user friendly.

Stay tuned peeps. The new site is (fingers crossed, knock on wood) tentatively scheduled to launch this summer. In the meantime, here’s a tiny peek at the new design. preview image


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