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Wanted: Intern with Copy Machine Repair Skills

Published May 4th, 2010 by | Comments Off on Wanted: Intern with Copy Machine Repair Skills

Help Wanted AdWhen college students ask me how to get a job in the performing arts, I always tell them to do two things:  Examine their work ethic and do an internship.  As you can guess, an internship looks great on a resume.  It says that you’ve had experience in the “real” business world.  It suggests that you are mature enough to conduct yourself appropriately in an office and meeting environment.  One can assume that you realize that sweatpants and tank tops are not proper attire for casual Fridays.  An internship says “I can fix the copy machine six ways from Sunday blindfolded” and “I make better coffee than Mrs. Olsen.”

But here’s where examining the work ethic comes in.  An internship in the arts does not mean you will be on stage.  You won’t be backstage or in a dressing room.  You do not attend rehearsal, nor do you chat up the musicians.  The actors are not looking for friends to hang out with and the cushy red velvet seats are not for noontime naps.  The entertainment world is a business just like any other.  The office setting?  Close your eyes and you could be at a law or accounting firm.  Our staff may be able to give you the lyrics to any show tune, name the writer of an obscure play and explain exactly what “jazz hands” are for—but they are there to work, produce, contribute, collaborate and make an impact on our community.

Future interns who want to be actors, pay attention:  For the love of Richard Rogers, show up early and stay a few minutes late.  Do more than you were asked and then ask for more.  Yes, it’s true–dress for the position you want. Learn everything you can from everyone you can.  Act like a professional.  The copy machine is actually a very important and expensive piece of equipment.  When it breaks down, it can disrupt an entire day of productivity.  Fix it and you will be the superstar on a different kind of stage.  Take pride in everything you do.  If you’re asked to set up coffee for a meeting, do it better than anyone ever has.  This, my young friends, is work ethic and it can’t be bought for any amount of money.

Oh, and if you intern at PlayhouseSquare?  Trust me, you’ll see more shows than you ever thought possible in a semester.  You may not meet the director, but you’ll have a greater appreciation for what it means to bring the arts to the people.  And dancing down our hallways is completely acceptable.  (Just not in sweatpants).


Just Do It…For Your Kids

Published March 8th, 2010 by | Comments Off on Just Do It…For Your Kids

As an employee, I have the extraordinary perk of experiencing great performances in the beautiful theaters of PlayhouseSquare.    And in doing so, I often try to conduct my own form of market research with the customers next to me in line.  And much to the chagrin of my friends, I bombard them as well with questions about their live theater attendance.

Recently, I was reminded of a conversation with a divorced, male friend who had just given his daughter tickets to a sporting event for her birthday.  Being a bit self-centered on behalf of my employer, I asked “Why not one of our Broadway shows?”  He replied that it was her mother’s job to take her to the theater.  Seriously?

Another friend has both a son and daughter.  The daughter attends a number of shows, while the son attends hockey games.  In full disclosure, the daughter also attends games and plays on a team.  So why does the boy get the short end of the arts stick (pun very much intended)?

Parents, please follow the famous Nike tag line and “just do it”.  Take your kids, boys and girls, to the theater.  I personally promise you it will be something they remember for the rest of their lives and YOU can take complete credit for it.  By introducing them now, you’ll be nurturing adults who will then do the same for your grandchildren.

Fathers, your daughter deserves a special night out with the only man in her life—and that will last until she is exactly 15, so hurry up!  And please, take your son.  Eventually, he will meet the woman of his dreams, who happens to love the theater.  You’ll be preparing him to impress her with his knowledge, sophistication and worldliness (naturally leading to increased dating, engagement and of course, those grandchildren).

They can’t and won’t thank you now, but they will later.  Seriously…just do it.


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